FAQ's | Legal Requirements


1. How do I get the IPM Seal for my promotion?

The Seal confirms that the details of the activity have been seen and reviewed by the IPM’s Legal & Compliance service and are deemed to comply with all current code and legal requirements of the marketing communications industry.

The IPM Seal is free to IPM Members who have had their promotion reviewed by the IPM’s Legal & Compliance team and will, subject to any recommended changes being made and approved, be granted the right to use the IPM Seal.

The charge for the IPM Seal for non-members who use the IPM’s Legal & Compliance service is £200 (excl VAT).

However, the Legal & Compliance team must see all final artwork, and all communication elements of the promotion that are relevant to the award of the IPM Seal.

Furthermore, the promoter and his agents must have agreed to administer the promotion (e.g. distribution of P.O.S. or judging of any competition element and distribution of prizes) in a way that reflects the letter and spirit of the UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (the “CAP Code”).

The IPM Seal is a simple logo containing the promotion’s unique reference number and has been designed for use across all media – on-pack, direct mail, print ads, broadcast ads and online.

2. Having been granted the right to use the IPM Seal, what do I do then?

Having been granted permission by the Legal & Compliance service to use the IPM Seal, you will be issued with a hi-res jpg of the IPM Seal artwork with a unique reference number embedded.

3. Can the IPM Seal be used on promotions outside the UK?

The IPM Seal relates only to the UK. Where a UK campaign unavoidably crosses national frontiers with common packaging and/or common communication elements, the promoter/agency must warrant that the campaign will meet all legal and Code of Practice requirements in those countries.

4. Who do I contact if I have any further questions about the IPM Seal?

Contact us on 020 3848 0447 or email legal@theipm.org.uk.